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Closed Beta started!

10 months ago

Heroes, the time has finally come! Terrasia has opened its doors to pioneers and pathfinders! The Closed Beta has begun! 

Daring explorers can already download the game and start their adventures in the world of Eternal Magic. Should you encounter any issues during the installation process, our guide on downloading and installing the game has you covered!

Right now you can defend Terrasia from her enemies on one of the two servers: Andromeda [EU] and Sagittarius [NA]. They are located in different time zones: UTC/GMT+2 for Andromeda and UTC/GMT-5 for Sagittarius. Closed Beta will be held from September 4 until September 15 inclusive. The max level a character can attain during the CBT is 50. For in-game store testing purposes, all characters will receive 2000 elirs on daily basis. Please note that all progress will be reset at the end of Closed Beta, while items included in Early Access Packs will become available at the subsequent launch of Open Beta.

Owners of Warrior, Awakened, and Keeper Packs will have guaranteed access to Closed Beta. Once again, please note that all bonus items such as pets, mounts, and consumables will be delivered to your character during the Open Beta stage. The aforementioned packs are available for purchase on our website. Many of the Apprentice Pack holders were also granted Closed Beta access. Be sure to check the upper right corner of the website’s UI: if you have an Early Access Pack or were otherwise granted the Closed Beta access, a corresponding icon will appear next to the “Download” button!

Please report any in-game issues you encounter in the respective subforum of the official message board

Terrasia awaits!