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Let new adventures begin!

12 days ago

For years we have lived in the magical and enchanting world of Dragon Ring, where legends and tales of old intertwined, and a myriad of bright stars illuminated the path full of wonders, walked only by true heroes! A world that for many, and this is no exaggeration, has become more than a source of entertainment online but a fun part of everyday life.
Sadly, everything eventually comes to an end. Together with the developers, we have made the difficult decision to close the project. We hope that you will remember your adventures in the colorful realm of magic that was Dragon Ring with a warm smile and keep in touch with the friends you met in this incredible game!
The payment system will be disabled on July 15, but the game's servers will continue running until the official closing date on July 29.
The game's social media group will remain open and continue to hold various contests and share stories about the latest trends in the world of video games for your enjoyment!
We invite all Dragon Ring fans to join us in the new game Jade Goddess - an MMORPG with distinct fantasy-style 3D graphics that will immerse you into the amazing world of Eastern mythology. Become a brave guardian of the Jade Empire and earn the respect of its citizens! Level up your character and delve into ancient lore to revive the legendary Jade Goddess who had once blessed and protected the imperial provinces. Prove that you are the one destined to put an end to chaos and discord that plague the lands! Join the fight today at
Dragon Blood
Become the legendary hero and discover ancient knowledge, awake the mighty dragons and uncover your long lost past. You will go on a search for a kidnapped princess and do many good deeds on the way. This is a game for a real hero!
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Dragon Glory
Try on many of the PvE and PvP modes, assemble an unstoppable squad, call for the strongest of heroes and tame your own dragon.
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Good luck and new adventures!