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New event Black Friday

16 days ago

Black Friday is upon us! From November 29th to 5th December new events await you! Take part in Black Friday and don't miss epic rewards.

Upgrade Galore

Make a payment every day to receive additional rewards!

Gift Unwrapping

During the event , consume gold and receive massive rewards.

Demonic Equipment

You can win Demonic equipment in the treasure hunt during the event!

Boss Carnival

During the Event , Kill Bosses to claim Great Rewards.

Double EXP

Level up your Character and get EXPx2.

Limited Sales Event

Enjoy more discounts during Limited Sales Event.

Gift Pack:
- Refine Stone Special
- Soul Sacrifice Special
- Mount Crystal Special
- Feathers Special
- Wings Growth Pill Special
- Mount Growth Pill Special
- Mount Training Pill Special
Claim one of the Gift Pack and get epic rewards!

Good luck!

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