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New event Black Friday

6 months ago

Black Friday is upon us! From November 29th to 5th December new events await you! Take part in Black Friday and don't miss epic rewards.

Upgrade Galore

Make a payment every day to receive additional rewards!

Gift Unwrapping

During the event , consume gold and receive massive rewards.

Demonic Equipment

You can win Demonic equipment in the treasure hunt during the event!

Boss Carnival

During the Event , Kill Bosses to claim Great Rewards.

Double EXP

Level up your Character and get EXPx2.

Limited Sales Event

Enjoy more discounts during Limited Sales Event.

Gift Pack:
- Refine Stone Special
- Soul Sacrifice Special
- Mount Crystal Special
- Feathers Special
- Wings Growth Pill Special
- Mount Growth Pill Special
- Mount Training Pill Special
Claim one of the Gift Pack and get epic rewards!

Good luck!

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