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Awesome events

21 days ago

Greetings, heroes! Check out the events of this week!

NY Candy 

NY Candy event starts January, 20 and lasts 3 days.
Obtain Sweet Candies, Candies Materials and Lucky Candies in Online events.
Obtain Advanced Candy Wrapper Material Gift Pack, Lucky Candies, Invincible Soul Stones, Djinn's Grip Soul Stones, T8 Fairy Weapon Gear Packs and Golden and Red Talent Cards in Recharge events.
Use Candies to get special items in Candy Making.
Obtain Sapphires, Sweet Candies and Dragomon Refining Stones in the Daily Targets event.
Obtain Sweet Candies and Candies Materials in dungeons.
Obtain a lot of Sweet Candies, Adv. Gem Gift boxes, Army Helmet Soul Stones and Dragon Sword Soul Stones in the Leaderboard.
Obtain Djinn's Grip Soul Stones, Fridge Elf Soul Stones and Army Helmet Soul Stones in the Lucky Draw event.
Use Sweet Candies to get Happy Chests, Surprise Treasure Chests and 190 lvl Artifact Patterns in the Store.

Cycle Events

1. Treasure House event starts on January 20 and lasts 3 days.
2. Roulette & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start on January 23 and last 4 days.
3. Rubies bonus event starts on January 27 and lasts 4 days.
4. Super Pack event starts on January 31 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend Events

1. Demon Seal Pattern event starts on January 21 and lasts 2 days.
2. The Brave Challenge starts on January 28 and lasts 2 days.

Happy gaming!