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Awesome events of the week

2 months ago

Greetings, heroes! Check out the events of this week!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays event starts on December 22 and lasts 10 days.
Obtain Christmas Points, Christmas Socks, Snowman materials and Alchemy Buff in Daily Login.
Obtain Treasure Draw Tickets, Wish tokens, Snowman material pack, Legendary Talent Cards optional pack, Dual Stats Soul Optional Gift Box, 8 lv. Skin Pack, Dragon Curse Skill Book Fragment, Coming True Soul Stone and Legendary Dragon Soul Stone in Recharge.
Obtain Lv. 7 Fairy Wing Gear Gift Box, Golden Talent Card, Adv. Gems, Mini Flying Snow Soul Stone and Good Luck Soul Stone in Lucky Draw.
Obtain Ice Peak Fashion Fragment Gift Box, Christmas Points and Red Envelopes in Daily Targets.
Obtain Snowman materials. Christmas Points, Rubies and Cold Wings Soul Stone in Christmas Wishes
Obtain Christmas Points and Snowman Materials in Dungeons.
Obtain Snowman Giftpacks (S&B) in Make a Snowman event.
Obtain Christmas Points, Fairy Mount Fostering Stone, Wish token, Happy Snowmobile Soul Stone, Christmas X-Boy Soul Stone and Lv.8 Wings Gear Gift Box in Leaderboard.
Obtain Elite Gems, ATK Forging Stones, Enchant Stones, Evolve Stones and Booming Christmas Soul Stone in Goddess Blessing.
There are Legendary Talent Cards, Peace and Joy title in the Event Shop this time.


Big Carnival event starts January, 5 and lasts 10 days.
Participate to get Fireworks Gift Boxes, Flower Blessings, Fostering Stones and Sapphires.
Make payments to get Fireworks Gift Boxes, Flower Blessings, Super EXP Soul, Dual Stats Legendary Souls, Legendary Talent Cards, Clear Feather Soul Stone and Whitey Soul Stone.
Participate in Goddess Blessing to have a chance to get Artifact Pattern Chests, High Lv. Gems, Legendary Dragon Soul Stone, Whitey Soul Stone and Fireworks Gift Boxes. Draw 10x times to get additional Fireworks Gift Box.
Obtain Fireworks Gift Boxes in dungeons
Enter the Leaderboard to get Legendary Dragon Soul Stone, Fairy Wings Surprise Pack, Flower Blessings and lots of Fostering Stones. Your rank depends on Fireworks Gift Boxes quantity you crafted.
Spend Flower Blessings at the Event Store (added Epic Talent optional Gift Box 2, Fairy Wings Surprise Pack and other).
Event NPC spawns in the city 11:00-23:00 daily. Click it to claim random Fireworks Gift Box, maximum 10 per day
Collect all Fireworks during the event to get Ruby rewards. The more you collect the more you get

Cycle Events

1. Treasure House event starts on December 22 and lasts 3 days.
2. Roulette & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start on December 25 and last 4 days.
3. CS Flower board and Lucky Treasure events start on December 29 and last 4 days.
4. Super Pack event starts on January 2 and lasts 3 days.
5. Mysterious Treasure opens on January 5 and lasts 3 days.
6. CS Texas Hold’em & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start on January 8 and last 4 days.
7. Discount Shop opens on January 12 and lasts 4 days
8. Lucky Wheel event starts on January 16 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend Events

1. Demon Seal Pattern event starts on December 24 and lasts 2 days.
2. The Brave Challenge starts on December 31 and lasts 2 days.
3. Dragon Trial event starts on January 7 and lasts 2 days.
4. Q&A Contest event starts on January 14 and lasts 2 days.

Happy gaming!