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Black Friday in Dragon Glory

2 months ago

Greetings, brave heroes! Check out the awesome events of this week:

Black Friday

Black Friday starts on November 25 and lasts 8 days. 
Participate online to obtain Eternal Curse Soul Stone, Avatar Fostering Stone, Skill Book, Sapphire and Coupon. 
Recharge to obtain Avatar Soul Stone Pack, Evolve Stones, Enchant Stones, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Lv. 8 Gear Gift Box, Lv. 8 Wings Gear Gift Box, Illusion Talent Card, Healer Talent Card, Pharaoh and Cleopatra Soul Stone and God Wings Soul Stone. 
Obtain Red Envelopes Amount and Coupon in Red Envelop Rain. Used at Promotion Shop.
Obtain Sapphire, Lv.1 Amber Gift box, Dragomon medium EXP Potion, Red Envelopes Amount and Bloodline Enchantress Soul Stone in Daily targets.
Obtain Barren Flame Fragments, Barren Master Fragment1s, Barren Excalibur Fragments, Eternal Curse Soul Stone, Gentleman Bunny Soul Stone, Christmas X-Boy Soul Stone and Unique Talent Cards in Lucky Draw.
Obtain Wings Skill Book, Costume Fostering Stone, Lv.1-8 Amber Gift box, Millennium Mystery Soul Stone in Leaderboard.
Obtain Divination Enchanting Stone, Little Black Wolf Soul Stone, Contentment & Comfort Title in Everyday Consumption.
On sale in Promotion Shop: Little Deer Spirit Fragment, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Gift Rubies, Talent Card, Evolve Stones, Enchant Stone, Gems.

Cycle Events

Treasure House event starts on November 25 and lasts 3 days.
Roulette & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start on November 28 and last 4 days.
Super Pack event starts on December 2 and lasts 4 days
Discount Shop opens on December 6 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend events

Demon Seal Pattern event starts on November 26 and lasts 2 days.
The Brave Challenge starts on December 3 and lasts 2 days.