Dragon Glory - Game news


3 months ago

Dear player!

We have merged the game servers H136 (S136-S140) + S141 + S142, so that you would always have someone to play with!

Let see what else is new with the latest update:

Heart Romance

  1. Heart Romance starts on November 11 and will last 8 days. 
  2. Obtain Blessing Garland, Wedding Stone, and Candy Wrapper Material from Online rewards.
  3. Recharge to obtain Chocolate Ingredient Gift Set, Super EXP Soul, Unique Talent Card, Legendary Talent Card, Blessing Garland, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Ancient Eating Plant Soul Stone, Mini Eating Plant Soul Stone, Lv. 8 Mount Gear Gift Box, and Lv.8 Wings Gear Gift Box.
  4. Obtain High Lv. Gems, Runes, Legendary Soul, Enchant Stone, Evolve Stone, Relic Blind Box, Artifact Blind Box, Mini Eating Plant Soul Stone, and Shadow of the Night Soul Stone via the Blessing from Heaven.
  5. Get your hands on the Poetry in a Bottle title, Couple Dolls Soul Stone, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone, Unique Quit Card, and Double Stats Legendary Soul by Crafting Chocolate.
  6. Collect Cocoa Bean, Milk, and Brown Sugar in dungeons.
  7. Claim lots of resources, including Light of Hope, Blessing Garland, Unique Quit Card, and Spirit Riders Random Pack.

Cycle Events

  1. Mysterious Treasure will open for 3 days on November 11.
  2. Everyday events, CS Texas Hold’Em & Get Treasure Chest, will start on November 14 and last 4 days.
  3. CS Flower board and Lucky Treasure events will start on November 18 and last 4 days.
  4. Lucky Wheel event will start on November 22 and lasts 3 days.


Weekend Events

  1. Dragon Trial event will start on November 12 and lasts 2 days.
  2. Q&A Contest event will start on November 19 and lasts 2 days.

Log into the game soon to see all these activities and more with your own eyes!