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Happy Childhood

6 months ago

1. Happy Childhood event starts on May 27 and lasts 8 days.
2. Obtain Sweet Candies, Candies Materials and Lucky Candies in Online events.
3. Obtain Advanced Candy Wrapper Material Gift Pack, Lucky Candies, Star Snake Soul Stone Soul Stones, Grade 7 Set Packs and Golden and Red Talent Cards in Recharge events.
4. Use Candies to get special items in Candy Making.
5. Obtain Sapphires, Sweet Candies and Dragomon Refining Stones in the Daily Targets event. Craft 50 Adv. Candies everyday 5 days in a row to get the Carefree title.
6. Obtain Sweet Candies and Candies Materials in dungeons.
7. Obtain a lot of Sweet Candies, Adv. Gem Gift boxes, Mini Evil Tiger Soul Stones and Mini Purple Snake Soul Stones in the Leaderboard.
8. Obtain Bloodline Enchantress Soul Stones, Bear Head Coverings Soul Stones, Couple Dolls Soul Stones, Love Secret Soul Stones and Golden Talent Cards in the Lucky Draw event.
9. Use Sweet Candies to get Happy Chests, Surprise Treasure Chests and 190 lvl Artifact Patterns in the Happy Chest event.

Cycle Events
1. Mysterious Treasure opens for 3 days on May 27.
2. CS Texas Hold’em & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start May 30 and last 4 days.
3. CS Flower board and Lucky Treasure events start on June 3 and last 4 days.
4. Super value rebate package event starts on June 7 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend Events
1. Dragon Trial event starts on May 28 and lasts 2 days.
2. Q&A Contest event starts on June 4 and lasts 2 days.

System Update
1. New noble rank in the Foster system: King.
2. Only the best warriors are eligible to receive the honor of the King.