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Beautiful Season

7 months ago

1. Beautiful Season starts on May 14and lasts 6 days.
2. Obtain Blessing Garland, Wedding Stone and Candy Wrapper Material in Online.
3. Recharge to obtain Chocolate Ingredient Gift Set, Super EXP Soul, Unique Quit Card, Legendary Quit Card, Blessing Garland, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Devil's Domain Demon Fox Soul Stone and Lava Giant Rhinoceros Fragment.
4. Obtain High Lv. Gems, Runes, Legendary Soul, Enchant Stone, Evolve Stone, Relic Blind Box, Artifact Blind Box, Ferocious Red Wings Soul Stone, Snake Hit Soul Stone.
5. Obtain All Things Grow title, Instant Eternity title, Couple Dolls Soul Stone, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone, Unique Quit Card and Double Stats Legendary Soul in Crafting Chocolate.
6. Obtain Cocoa Bean, Milk and Brown Sugar in dungeons.
7. Obtain a lot of Light of Hope, Blessing Garland, Unique Quit Card, Happy Box, Ferocious Red Wings Soul Stones in Leaderboard.
8. On sale in Event Store: Titan Talent Card (Red), Talent Card (Gold), Random Red Soul Gift Box, Soul Stone: Snake Hit, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone and Fast Success title.

Cycle Events
1. Treasure House event starts on May 13 and lasts 3 days.
2. Roulette & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start on May 16 and last 4 days.
3. Rubies bonus event starts on May 20 and lasts 4 days.
4. Discount Shop opens on May 24 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend Events
1. Demon Seal Pattern event starts on May 14 and lasts 2 days.
2. The Brave Challenge starts on May 21 and lasts 2 days.