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Love & Peace

3 months ago

1. Love and Peace event starts March, 5 and lasts 8 days.
2. Participate online to get Points, Sapphire, Runes, 9 Roses and other.
3. Recharge to obtain: Curse Seal Points, Glory Stone, Enchanting Stones, Prosperity Crown Soul Stone, Kingship Soul Stone, Legendary Soul (2 stats), T7 Appearance Equipment, Blessing Garland, Adventure Points.
4. Obtain High Lv. Gems, Runes, Legendary Soul, Enchant Stone, Evolve Stone, Prosperity Crown Soul Stone, Evolution Elf Soul Stone and Soul Stone: Small Fire Rock Beast.
5. Join the Treasure Hunt to obtain Gold Talent Card, Enchant Stones, Evolve Stones, Sword of Triumph Soul Stone, Fire Rock Beast Soul Stone, Dragon Curse Enhance Stones, Low Level Dragon Curse Skill Book Fragment.
6. Go to dungeons to obtain Points, Blessing Garlands and Treasure Hunter’s Coins.
7. Enter the Leaderboard to obtain a lot of Adventure Points, Treasure Hunter’s Coins, Wings Fostering Stones, Fairy Weapon Fostering Stones, Amber Box, Rune Box, Saṃsāra Treasure Soul Stone, Sword of Triumph Soul Stone, Dragon Curse Enhance Stone, Dragon Curse Skill Book Fragment.
8. Event Shop: Storm Talent Card (Red), Random Red Soul Gift Box, Super EXP Soul, Artifact Pattern, Dinner Party Accompanying Gifts, Love and Peace title.

Cycle Event
1. Mysterious Treasure opens March, 4 for 3 days.
2. CS Texas Hold’em & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start March, 7 and last 4 days.
3. CS Flower board and Lucky Treasure events start March, 11 and last 4 days.
4. Super Pack event starts March, 15 and lasts 3 days.

Weekend Event
1. Dragon Trial event starts March, 5 and lasts 2 days.
2. Q&A Contest event starts March, 12 and lasts 2 days.