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Spring Sale

4 months ago

We are glad to inform you about merging the following servers:
H136(S136 - S138) + S139 + S140

Spring Sale
1. Spring Value starts January, 28 for 8 days.
2. Participate online to obtain Jade Snow Eagle Soul Stone, Avatar Fostering Stone, Skill Book, Sapphire and Coupon.
3. Recharge to obtain Avatar Stones Pack, Evolve Stones, Enchant Stones, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Gold Talent Card, Red Talent Card, Super EXP Soul, High Rank Avatar Equipment Pack, Ice Family Ceremony Soul Stone, Jade Snow Eagle Soul Stone.
4. Obtain Red Envelopes Amount and Coupon in Red Envelop Rain. Used at Promotion Shop.
5. Obtain Sapphire, Lv.1 Amber Gift box, Dragomon medium EXP Potion, Red Envelopes Amount and Little Sea Semon Soul Stone in Daily targets.
6. Obtain Golden Phoenix Wings Soul Stone, Gentleman Bunny Soul Stone, Bloody Crown Fragment, Bloody Robe Fragment, Bloody Wand Fragment, Gold Talent Card in Lucky Draw.
7. Obtain Wings Skill Book, Costume Fostering Stone, Lv.1-8 Amber Gift box, Ice Family Crown Soul Stone in Leaderboard.
8. Obtain Divination Enchanting Stone, Little Sea Semon Soul Stone, Coupon and Anticipation Title in Everyday Consumption.
9. On sale in Promotion Shop: Golden Phoenix Wings Soul Stone, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Gift Rubies, Talent Card, Evolve Stones, Enchant Stone, Gems.

Love Sight
1. Love Sight starts February, 10 for 8 days.
2. Obatin Blessing Garland, Wedding Stone and Candy Wrapper Material in Online.
3. Recharge to obtain Chocolate Ingredient Gift Set, Super EXP Soul, Gold Talent Card, Red Talent Card, Blessing Garland, Double Stats Legendary Soul, Soul Stone: Love Arrange and Soul Stone: Rose Agreement.
4. Obtain High Lv. Gems, Runes, Legendary Soul, Enchant Stone, Evolve Stone, Relic Blind Box, Artifact Blind Box and Soul Stone: Eternal Love in Blessing from the Heaven.
5. Obtain Love Sight title, Couple Dolls Soul Stone, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone, Gold Talent Card and Double Stats Legendary Soul in Crafting Chocolate.
6. Obtain Cocoa Bean, Milk and Brown Sugar in dungeons.
7. Obtain a lot of Light of Hope, Blessing Garland, Gold Talent Card, Winter Random Pack and Soul Stone: Eternal Love in Leaderboard.
8. On sale in Event Store: Titan Talent Card (Red), Titan Talent Card (Gold), Random Red Soul Gift Box, Soul Stone: Romantic Breath, Soul Stone: Rose Agreement, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone.

Cycle Event:
1. Mysterious Treasure opens January, 28 for 3 days.
2.CS Texas Hold’em & Get Treasure Chest everyday events start January, 31 and last 4 days.
3. Discount Shop opens February, 4 for 3 days.
4. CS Flower board and Lucky Treasure events start February, 7 and last 4 days.
5. Lucky Wheel event starts February, 11 and lasts 3 days.
6. Super Pack event starts February, 14 and lasts 4 days.

Weekend Events:
1. The Brave Challenge starts January, 29 for 2 days.
2. Dragon Trial event starts February, 5 and lasts 2 days.
3. Q&A Contest starts February, 12 for 2 days.

Others Updates:
In this update, we have extended the enhancement level of legendary souls from 20 to 25. More powerful stats!
We have also upgraded the enchantment levels of equipment, weapons, artifacts and treasures by 100.