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Celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year

a month ago

1. The event of celebrating Christmas and welcoming the New Year begins on December 24, and lasts for 10 days.     
2. Log in daily, get Christmas Credits, Christmas Stockings, Snowman Materials and other items as well as Alchemy BUFF    
3. Participate in recharge to get Raffle Ticket, Wish Token, Snowman Material Gift Bag, Red Gift Card Self-selected Gift Box, Double-attribute Life Soul Self-selected Gift Box, Lv. 7 Avatar Gear Pack, Dragon Spell Skill Book Fragments, Snow Beauty Feast Soul Stone, Happy Snowmobile Soul Stone and other rare items    
4. Participate in Lucky Draw to get Lv. 7 Fairy Wing Gear Gift Box, Golden Talent Card, all kinds of Advanced Gems, Snow and Ice Legend Soul Stone and other items    
5. Participate in Daily Goals to get Ice Peak Fashion Fragment Gift Box,Christmas Credits,Red Envelope Quota, and other items    
6. Participate in New Year Resolution to get Snowman Material, Christmas Credits, God Stone, Ice Dream Flying Snow Soul Stone and other items    
7. Participate in Ectype to get Christmas Credits, Snowman Materials and other items    
8. Participate in Building the Snowman to get Big Snow Man Gift Bags, Tiny Snow Man Gift Bags and other items    
9. Participate in Ranking List to get Christmas Credits, Spirit Riding Culture Stone, Wish Token, Christmas Auspicious Beast Soul Stone, Lv. 7 Wings Gift, Precision Talent Card and other items    
10. Participate in Goddess Blessing to get Advanced Gems, Attack Forging Stone, Enchanting Stone, Evolution Stone, Booming Christmas Soul Stone and other items    
11. Some Red Gift Cards and the title of Christmas Eve are available in the Store for this event.    
Cycle Event    
1. Mysterious Treasure begins on December 24, and lasts for 3 days    
2. Texas Hold’em begins on December 27 with Chest Hunting everyday, and lasts for 4 days.    
3. Lucky Wheel begins on December 31, and lasts for 4 days.    
4. Discounted Shop begins on January 4, and lasts for 3 days    
Weekend Events    
1. Demon Seal Pattern begins on December 25, and lasts for 2 days    
2. Brave Level Up begins on January 1, and lasts for 2 days