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Winter Love Song

a year ago

Winter Love Song
1. Winter Love Song begins on November 13, and lasts for 8 days
2. Participate online to get Blessing Wreath, Wedding Stone, Candy Materials and other items
3. Participate in recharge for All to get Chocolate Material Gift Pack, Super Experience Soul, Golden Talent Card, Red Talent Card, Blessing Wreath, Dual-attribute Red Soul, Legend of Demon Wolf Soul Stone, Mini Blood Butterfly Soul Stone and other items
4. Participate in Blessing from the Heaven to get High-grade Gem, High-grade Rune, Love Secret, Enchanting Stone, Evolution Stone, Relics Mystery Box, Artifact Mystery Box, Love Secret Soul Stone and other items
5. Participate in chocolate making to get Valentine’s Day Title, Couple Doll Soul Stone, Little Pumpkin Cart Soul Stone, Colorful Soul Stone, Golden Talent Card, Dual-attribute Red Soul and other items
6. Participate in Dungeon to get Cocoa Bean, Milk, Brown Sugar
7. Participate in the Leaderboard to get a lot of Light of Hope, Blessing Garland, Golden Talent Card, Winter Random Pack, Dark Green Battle Armor Soul Stone and other items
8. During the Event, Titan Talent Card Fragment (Red), Titan Talent Card fragment (Gold), Random Legendary Soul Gift Box, Little Green Fox Soul Stone, Rainbow Smile Soul Stone and other items are added

Cycle Event
1. Treasure Hall begins on November 12, and lasts for 3 days
2. Lucky Wheel and Get Chest Everyday begin on November 15, and last for 4 days
3. CS Flower Board and Lucky Treasure begin on November 19, and last for 4 days
4. Discounted Shop begins on November 23, and lasts for 3 days

Weekend Events
1. Dragon Trial begins on November 13, and lasts for 2 days
2. Dragon Glory Encyclopedia Competition begins on November 20, and last for 2 days