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Autumn Honey

2 months ago

 1. Autumn Honey begins on October 16, and lasts for 8 days    
2. Participate online to get Sweet Candy, Candy Material, Lucky Candy and other items    
3. Participate in Top Up to get Advanced Candy Material Gift Bag, Lucky Candy, Small Fire Rock Beast Soul Stone, Lv.7 Avatar Gear Gift Pack, Golden Talent Card and other rare items    
4. Participate in Candy Making, a candy can be used to get beautiful items    
5. Participate in Daily Goals to get Magic Crystal, Sweet Candy, Elf Baptize Stone and other props, in addition make 50 advanced candies during 5 consecutive days to get the title of the Go Through Thick and Thin Together    
6. Participate in Ectype to get Sweet Candy and Candy materials    
7. Participate in Ranking List to get a lot of items such as Sweet Candy, Advanced Gem Gift Box, Small Sea Spirit Soul Stone, Fire Rock Beast Soul Stone and other items    
8. Participate in Lucky Draw to get Bloodline Enchantress Soul Stone, Extreme Charm Fragment, True Love fragment, Golden Talent Card and other items    
9. Participate in Joy Hold’em Chest to get Sweet Candy to claim items such as Joy Hold’em Chest and Surprise Hold’em Chest    
Cycle Event    
1. Treasure Hall begins on October 15, and lasts for 3 days    
2. Lucky Wheel and Get Chest Everyday begin on October 18, and last for 4 days    
3. CS Flower Board and Lucky Treasure begin on October 22, and lasts for 4 days    
4. Rubies Bonus begins on October 26, and lasts for 3 days    
Weekend Events    
1. Dragon Trial begins on October 16, and lasts for 2 days    
2. Dragon Glory Encyclopedia Competition begins on October 23, and lasts for 2 days