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An update was installed!

a year ago

Harvest Fruit
1. Harvest Fruit Event begins on September 30, and lasts for 7 days
2. Participate online to get various Crop Seeds, Blessing Flower, Fostering Stone, Magic Crystal and other items
3. Participate in recharge to get Crop Seeds, Blessing Flower, Super Experience Soul, Dual-attribute Red Soul, Red Talent Card, Charming Butterfly Soul Stone, Raging Flame Crazy Hammer Soul Stone and other rare items
4. Participate in Goddess Blessing to get Artifact Pattern Chest, Higher Gem, Raging Flame Crazy Hammer, Wild Beauty Soul Stone, Crop Seeds and other items, use 10-draw to get randomly extra Crop Seeds
5. Participate in the Dungeon to get Crop Seeds and Crops
6. Participate in the Leaderboard to get Wild Beauty Soul Stone, Fairy Wings Surprise Pack, Blessing Flower, Shadowing Title and Many Fostering Stones, the Leaderboard will be ranked according to the number of Crops crafted.
7. The Blessing Flower can be used in the Event Shop, where the Golden Talent Card 2, Fairy Wings Surprise Pack and other value-adding items are available.
8. Refresh Event NPC takes place from 11 am till 11 pm everyday, click NPC to get randomly Crop Seeds and Crops, up to 10 times for everybody everyday.
9. After the event, the players who gather all Crop items will get the Ruby of the Ruby Pool. The more times gathered, the more rewards won

Cycle Event
1. Mysterious Treasure begins on September 30, and lasts for 3 days
2. Texas Hold’em and Get Chest Everyday begin on October 3, and last for 4 days
3. Lucky Wheel begins on October 9, and lasts for 4 days
4. Discounted Shop begins on October 11, and lasts for 4 days

Weekend Events
1. Demon Seal Pattern begins on October 2, and lasts for 2 days.
2. Brave Level Up begins on October 9, and lasts for 2 days

Taking player needs into account, during the latest maintenance, we have lowered the Misteltein sacred relic series level requirement from 190 to 180.