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Get ready!

2 months ago

Heroes! We are happy to announce a new contest.
Invent your own concept for a mount, weapon, or in-game wings, then write the item's description or draw it. You can make concept art with your hands or by using graphics software. Don't forget to write a short description of your mount/weapon/wings so that we can fully understand how your invention should look and function!
Participants will compete for 4 prizes:
1. Concept design of female costume for 8,000 rubies;
2. Concept design of male costume for 8,000 rubies;
4. Mount concept for 8,000 rubies;
5. Wing concept for 8,000 rubies,
Those who will draw their mount, weapon, or wings will have a bigger chance of winning.
What's more, is that every participant will be rewarded with the following:
 - Gift Balen x500;
 - Crafting Stone x100;
 - Magic Soul Enhancing Crystal x100;
 - Lvl. 5 rune x10.
The contest will be held until August 30. Please post your entries in this thread.
Good luck, and have fun!