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An update was installed!

3 months ago

An update was installed!

Summer Is Coming
1. Summer Is Coming begins on June 26, and lasts for 8 days
2. Participate online to get Sun Hat, Sun Umbrella, Sapphire, Lv.3 Gem Gift Box, 9 Roses and other items
3. Participate in the recharge to get Red Cherry Blossom Soul Stone, Super EXP Soul, Night and Day, Dual Stats Legendary Soul, Gold Talent Card, Red Talent Card, Hot Wave Value, Sun Hat, Sun Umbrella and other items
4. Participate in Lucky Draw to get Artifact Pattern Chest, Lv.6 Mount Gear Gift Box, Lv.7 Fairy Gear Gift Pack, Fate of Fairy, Enchanting Stone, Glory Stone, Rune and other items
5. Participate in Collection of Hot Wave Chest in the Pattern to get Sun Hat, Sun Umbrella, Phantom Crystal, Artifact Enhancing Stone, Relic Enhancement Stone, Jade Helmet Soul Stone and other items
6. Participate in Leaderboard to get Sun Hat, Sapphire, Mount Fostering Stone, Redeemer Costume Optional Gift Box, Fate of Redeemer and other items
7. During the Event, Storm Talent Card (Red), random Red Soul Gift Box, Super EXP Soul, Dual Stats Legendary Soul and other items are available in the shop

Cycle Event
1. Treasure Hall begins on June 25, and lasts for 3 days
2. Lucky Wheel and Get Chest Everyday begin on June 28, and last for 4 days
3. CS Flower Board and Lucky Treasure begin on July 2, and lasts for 4 days
4. Discounted Shop begins on July 6, and lasts for 3 days

Weekend Events
1. Dragon Trial begins on June 26, and lasts for 2 days
2. Dragon Glory Encyclopedia Competition begins on July 3, and lasts for 2 days

Fixes and improvements:
The following listed issues have been fixed:
the issue with "Fostering Identity" where incorrect numbers were displayed when upgrading items.
the issue with scoring points in the "Guild Battle", now the points for defeating enemies should score correctly.
the problem with the "Nickname Change Card", the maximum limit of allowed characters has been increased to 16 characters.
other minor improvements and fixes

Good luck and have fun!