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An update was installed!

4 months ago

An update was installed!

1. Easter Event begins on April 3, and lasts for 8 days
2. During the Event, you can collect Easter Materials to redeem Easter Eggs which are composed of various rare items. The completion of daily task for Big Eggs redemption can get good gifts
3. Participate online to redeem materials for Easter Eggs, Sapphire, Gem, 9 Roses and other items
4. Participate in recharge to get Silly Rabbit Soul Stone, Golden Talent Card, Red Talent Card, Dragon Curse Aura Skill Book, Lv.7 Fairy Mount Gear Gift Pack and other value-added items
5. Participate in Dungeon to get the materials for redeeming Easter Eggs and Event Credits
6. Participate in Treasure Hunt to get Good gift from the ice family, Lv .7 Fashionable Set Gift Equipment, Golden Talent Card and other items
7. Participate in Leaderboard to get a large number of Event Credits, Hunter’s Coins, Rune Box, as well as Hundred Flowers Sword Soul Stone, Dragon Curse Top Skill Book Fragments and other rare items
8. Event store update

Cycle Event:
1. Treasure Hall begins on April 2, and lasts for 3 days
2. Lucky Wheel and Get Chest Everyday begin on April 5, and last for 4 days
3. CS Flower Board and Lucky Treasure begin on April 9, and last for 4 days
4. Special Rebate Treasure Box begins on April 13, and lasts for 3days

Weekend Events:
1. Dragon Trial begins on April 3 and lasts for 2 days
2. Dragon Glory Encyclopedia Competition begins on April 10, and lasts for 2 days