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An update was installed!

8 months ago

New update has been released on December 6! Check out what's new.

Winter Sunshine event

-Participate online, you can get Event Points, Roses, Blessing Garlands, Sapphires, Gold coins and other items

- Participate in the recharge, you can get Glory Stones Lv. 2-4, Purple Talent Card, Enchanting Stones Giftbox, Golden Talent Card, Red Talent Card, super experience soul, dual attribute soul soul optional gift box and other rare items, as well as a lot of Activity Points , Treasure hunter's coin and Blessing Wreath

-Participate in Treasure Hunt, you can get Lv.6 Costume Gear Giftbox, Lv.6 Wings Gear Giftbox, Gold talent card, Enchanting Stones, Evolution Stone and other items

- Participate in the Blessing from the Heaven, you can get the Ice and Fire Mount Fragment Gift Pack, High-level Gems, Legendary Soul, Enchanted Stones, Evolution Stones and other items from the three Goddesses.

- Participate in the Dungeons and have the opportunity to get Event Points, Blessings and Treasure hunt coins

- Participate in the rankings, you can get Lv.1-8 Rune Giftboxes, Lv.3-6 BLK Enchanting Stones, Gold Talent Cards and other rare items, a lot of activity points, treasure hunt coins and Goddess Fostering Stones

- The event mall is updated with rare items such as Red Soul optional gift boxes, Snow Elf Fashion Pack, Purple Fashion Package, blessing fragments of holy light, fragments of holy light, guardian fragments of holy light

Mysterious Treasure

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