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Summer is so hot! It's time to play!

a year ago

An update was installed. Check it out!

Summer Heat

  1. Summer Heat Event starts on July 26, and lasts for 8 days;
  2. Be online to get Event Credits, Lucky Draw Ticket, Avatar Fostering Stone, Sapphire and other items;
  3. Recharge to get Happy Draw Ticket, Lucky Draw Ticket, Enchanting Stone Gift Box, Golden Talent Card, Red Soul, Red Talent Card and other rare items;
  4. Participate in the Lucky Draw Event to get Evolution Stone Gift Box, Lv. 5 Avatar Gear Gift Box, Golden Talent Card Gift Box and many more;
  5. Take part in the Happy Draw Event to get Dual Stats Legendary Soul Gift Box, Orange Soul Gift Box, Lv. 10 PNT Gem, Lv. 9 Bravery Rune and other items;
  6. Participate in the Daily Target Event to get Carnival Fairy Fragment Gift Box, Avatar Lv. 5 Gear Gift Box, Event Credits, Sapphire and other items;
  7. Participate in the Leaderboard to get a lot of Event Credits, Goddess Fostering Stone, Higher Gem Gift Box, Lv. 5 Pet Gear Gift Pack, Lv. 5 Wings Gear Gift Pack and other items;
  8. During the event Grove Dryad Relive, Brave Bunny Relive Medal and Death Lord Relive Medal continue to be available, with Slaughter Talent Card (Red) are added.

Cycle Event

  1. Treasure Hall begins on July 26, and lasts for 3 days;
  2. Texas Hold’em begins on July 29 with Chest Hunting everyday, and lasts for 4 days;
  3. Super Pack begins on August 2, and lasts for 3 days;
  4. CS Flower Board and Lucky Treasure begin on August 5, and last for 4 days/

Weekend Events

  1. Dragon Trial begins on July 27, and lasts for 2 days;
  2. Dragon Glory Encyclopedia Competition begins on August 3, and lasts for 2 days.

Have fun!

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