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Dragon song event is in the game!

a year ago

An update was installed. Check it out! 

Dragon Song Contest

  • The Dragon Song Contest Event starts on July 12, and lasts for 8 days;
  • Participate online to get Event Credits, Blessing Garlands, Roseflowers, Marriage Gems and other artifacts;
  • Recharge to get Grillflame fragments, Cospirit Gem Giftboxes, Dragonking Gem Giftboxes, Golden Talent Cards, Bistat Red Souls, Blue Titanozaur Giftboxes and other rare artifacts;
  • Go to the dungeons to receive Event Credits, Blessing Garlands and Treasure Coins;
  • Take part in the Leaderboard to get tons of Event Credits, Treasure Coins, Goddess Fostering Stones, high-level Runes, Golden Talent Cards and more;
  • Find your Treasure to get Avatar Gear Giftboxes, Avatar Lv.5 Gear Gift Box, Contour Improvement Stones, all kinds of Gear Giftboxes and other things;
  • The Three Goddesses are descending again from the Skies, and they have got some new rewards. Rush on, collect more Blessing Garlands to get them all!
  • The Event shop was refreshed, some new Contour Gear Giftboxes and Contour Improvement stones have been added there, and the Godly Equipment Drawings. Come on, snatch them all!

Cycle Events

  • Mysterious Treasure starts on July 12, and lasts for 3 days;
  • Lucky Wheel, the event with a daily rush for treasure starts on July 15, and lasts for 4 days;
  • Rubies Bonus starts June 19, and lasts for 3 days;
  • Discounted Shop opens June 22, and lasts for 4 days

Weekend Events

  • Demon Seal Pattern starts on July 13, and lasts for 2 days;
  • Brave Challenge starts on July 20, and lasts for 2 days

Moreover, several servers were merged: 

  • S4 + S120
  • S77 + S115
  • S127 + S128
  • S129 + S130 + S131 + S132

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