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[Contest] Who's your Valentine?

a year ago

The Saint Valentine's Day was yesterday, our Goddess of Love was a little late, but she came here to share some love with you.
That's why we are starting a contest! 
You will have to draw or make your valentine cards or presents that will be sent to the Goddess of Love or to you characters or dragons. Cards or love presents must be done by your hands (it can be made from paper, it can be made as a cupcake/cake etc, you just have to do it by yourself and from the real materials). Take a picture and share it here in this thread to send your love. Don't forget to write to whom this present is adressed.
Also, you can buy something, but you have to decorate it yourself. 
Please, don't forget to write your server, ID and nickname.

The rewards are going to be:
1-st place:
-10x Princess Bobby Fragments 
-10x Fairy wing Enchanting stones
-5x lvl5 random enchanting stones

Everyone who takes part in the contest:
-20x Fairy wheel tickets
-5x lvl 5 random Amber

The contest will end on February 28 and the winners will be chosen on March 1.

Good luck, heroes!

Take part in the contest!