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[Contest] Spooky day!

10 months ago

Halloween is near! We are happy to announce a contest. You will have to write a story about the spookiest day of your character and use all these words without changing them:
- dragon;
- ghost;
- was afraid of;
- sparkle;
- voices;
- hero.
Please, highligt the used words so we can check of you had all them in your text! The story must be original and, if you want, you can make collages or pictures to add to your story! The most interesting, vivid and spooky story will be chosen as a winner.
The winner will be rewarded with 10 fragments of Frost Staff; 10 Fairy Weapon Enchanting Stones;20 Fairy Weapon Evolving Stones. 

And all participants will be rewarded with: 
100 Fairy Weapon Fostering Stones; 3 Fairy Weapon Enchanting Stones; 5 Fairy Weapon Evolving Stones.

Send your works to this thread!

Take part in the contest

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