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Special questions!

5 months ago

Dear players!
We have prepared a contest that will test your game knowledge with 5 tough questions!
1. What is the name of the new event that begins at 11:00, server time?
2. What are the rewards obtained from Fierce Storm event?
3. Is it true or false that there are 3 ways to obtain a buff for killing the Fierce Storm boss?
4. What is the name of the new Element Anima feature?
5. How many talents are available in Element Transformation?
We will not be checking the comments for responses! - Link
Answer all 5 questions correctly to get the 1st place rewards:
- Gift Balens x500;
- Lvl. 7 Gem Pack x10;
- Lvl. 7 Rune x10;
- Lvl. 7 Glyphs x10.
The contest will be held until May 19, 2022.