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Fresh update is here!

3 months ago

An update has come today, April 23

Goal Shooting
From April 23-27 shoot balls and get rewards!

Warlord Chest

Sweet dreams

Sweet House
From 23.04 to 29.04 get new pet fashion in the exhange shop!

Treasure Shop
Visit Treasure Shop from April 23-30! Exchange and get unique items.

Recharge Rewards
Recharge to get amazing prizes!

Gold Chest
Buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

Recharge Revelry
During the Carnival Recharge event, recharge a specific amount of Balance to receive Carnival Recharge Chest

Balen Mine
Hoes can be obtained for recharging. The number of hoes reserts at 00:00.

Explore the Maze
Find your path to exquisite items!

Lucky Capsule

Royal Brewery

Pet Wheel
Spin the wheel to get vital pet progression items!

Dragon Orb Stele
Get silver and gold dragon coins. Moreover, you will get items to activate Golden Dragon by Adv. Pray, also some lucky ones will get red astro with great stats.

Ocean Hut
The event will be available to all lvl 60+ players.
Join the Ocean Hunt for treasures using golden maps and worn-out scrolls!

Hero's Altar

Magic Soul Wheel
Magic Soul Wheel will be available from April 30 to 2.05. Spin the wheel to get items!

Limited-time Rebate

Have fun!