Dragon Blood - Game news


20 days ago

Dear players!
The Gameroom launcher is going to be officially discontinued, and Dragon Blood will become unavailable to Facebook users on April 1. To safeguard your in-game progress, please consider taking advantage of the automatic account transfer feature of the 101XP Game Center. To do so, follow these simple steps::
Step № 1: log into the game via your main Facebook account. Once the system prompts you to transfer your in-game progress and all existing characters to 101XP.com, click "Transfer character."

Step № 2: you will be redirected to 101XP.com. Log into the account you would like to transfer your progress to or register a new account and repeat the then resume from step 1.

Step № 3: to continue playing with your character, you will have to download the 101XP Game Center and select the game from your library. If the transfer was performed correctly, your character will now be available to play on the 101XP platform. Congratulations! You can continue your journey via the 101XP Game Center. Should you run into any problems with the transfer process, please contact our technical support team.