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Let this Christmas be even better!

a month ago

The bells jingle, the presents are ready to be opened, and the dragons are eager to commence the festivities. We are honored to have you here with us today and hope to continue providing you with entertainment in 2021 as well!
Speaking of which, let's check some of the events available in the game right now!

Christmas Carnival

Sweet House

Challenge Road

Goal Shooting

Treasure Shop

Wheel of Joy

Goddess Card
Use balens to draw blanks on the left, each level has 20 ordinary and 1 special final draw, the special one can be used after 20 ordinary draws. If you activate one row or column, you will be able to open the chest near them. 40 rounds are available per day. The main reward you can get is talent card fragments.
The event is available to lvl 80+ players.

Hero's Altar
Attack the boss to earn points and win positions in the cross-server ranking!

Recharge Rewards
Recharge to get amazing prizes!

Dragon Orb Stele
Get silver and gold dragon coins. Moreover, you will get items to activate Golden Dragon by Adv. Pray, also some lucky ones will get red astro with great stats.

Recharge Revelry
During the Carnival Recharge event, recharge a specific amount of Balance to receive Carnival Recharge Chest

Egg Crack
Crack the egg and get rewards!

Group Purchase

Mystery Shop
All lvl 50+ players will be able to enter the Mystery Shop and purchase Mystery Crystals to exchange them for precious items such as talent cards, fashion, dragon parts and other prizes!

Mount Capsule
You will get an opportunity to test your luck in the Mount Capsule event. Use Mount Lucky coin to open capsules!

Limited-time Rebate
Try your luck and get a generous Rebate!

Gold Chest
Buy balens and receive Golden Keys to open gold chests with prizes. Every next chest you open will need more keys! For example, to open all 25 chests you need 100 keys.

Explore the Maze
Find your path to exquisite items!

Ocean Hut
The event will be available to all lvl 60+ players.
Join the Ocean Hunt for treasures using golden maps and worn-out scrolls!

Balen Mine
Hoes can be obtained for recharging. The number of hoes reserts at 00:00.

Have fun!