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Fresh update is here!

6 months ago

Awesome events await!

Goal Shooting

Royal Brewery
Show your brewing skills and collect different items!


Balen Mine
Hoes can be obtained for recharging. The number of hoes reserts at 00:00.

Recharge Rewards

Treasure Shop
You can purchase awesome things there!

Sweeping Progress

Sweet House

Challenge Road

Shake the Tree

Cross-Server Flower Ranking

Goddess Card

Gold Chest

Explore the Maze

Pet Field

Group Purchase

Recharge revelry
From June 12 to 16 you will get a great opportunity to take part in the Recharge Revelry event! Top-up, get the chests for your recharges and use these chests in order to get precious rewards such as talent cards, runes and gems!

Zodiac Smash.
On June 11 you can learn your sign's fate for this day! Use Zodiac cards to test your luck and get the treasures hidden in the Zodiac. This event will last till June 13.

Fishing master
Fishing Master will be available from June 12-16 Take part in the event and show everybody that you are a natural-born angler! Fish once, 10 or 50 times and catch awesome rewards including talent cards, fashion sets and red astrals!

Mount Capsule
From June 14 to 16, you will get an opportunity to test your luck in the Mount Capsule event.

Mystery Shop

Have fun!