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Awesome events and a festival to start really soon!

2 years ago

Today, on Mary 17th, an update was installed. Adventures await! Let's check out what's new.

Limited-time Rebate. 
On May 17 th, test your luck and get a generous Rebate!

Recharge revelry
From May 17th to 21st you will get a great opportunity to take part in the Recharge Revelry event! Top-up, get the chests for your recharges and use these chests in order to get precious rewards such as talent cards, runes and gems!

Wheel of Joy
From May 17th to 2oth participate in the Wheel of Joy event! Use recharge balens, spin the wheel and get amazing rewards including Aries talent cards, lots of reward balens and War Soul items. The event calculates all the spins on the server and forms so called Balen Pool which allows you to get even more rewards! Test your luck and win!

All on red or black? Let's find it out! Use balens to spin the roulette, get event points, exchange them for amazing rewards and may the luck be with you.
The event will be available from May 17th to 20th

Moreover, on 19th of May there will start a great festival! Follow the news so you don't miss the info! 

Good luck!

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