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Storm Riders is more than just a game. It is a legend come to life where you get to become a kung-fu master and take a path of self-development. Choose one of the four characters that not only have mastered their weapons but wield the powers of nature itself. Stone-cold Cloud, noble Wind, loyal Ash and warlike Dream. This martial arts game is so deep and well-thought-out that you can talk its features for hours. Mount your horse, gather your friends and embark on a dangerous and enthralling adventure!

Game features:


  • Deep story. The game is based on the Chinese legend of Wind and Cloud, a story about friendship, love, courage and fighting the evil. Become the main hero of this legend and walk a path from a student to a kung-fu master.
  • Real-time battles. Strom Riders is a fast-paced game with lots of spectacular animations and effects. You will have to react quickly and make decisions in the middle of a fight.
  • PvP zones. Prepare to wage wars for territories and loot hoarding monsters that dwell on them. You can take the enemies head-on by yourself, but it is best to find a squad or a guild.
  • Team play. Loyal friends are not just for mutual aid or companionship. The bigger your squad is, the more experience you get and the faster your characters develop.
  • AFK meditation. While in the AFK mode, your character will complete quests and gain experience on its own. While meditating, you will receive spirit points to spend on upgrading your skills.