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Even though the great ring of power was destroyed, the evil force of the Dark Lord has broken free and is embittering the once-thriving Middle Kingdom of Andimore. The alliance between the people and the elves has fallen apart, and there is no one to defend a world that is frightened by an advent of new dark forces. The mighty mage has forged a new ring and imprinted the will of the ancient dragon onto it. With its help, the hero promised in the prophecy will unite the forces of light and push back the pitiless evil!

Dragon Ring is an MMORPG that will not leave any fan of browser games indifferent. Incredible 3D graphics, real-time battles, and a vast, beautiful world are waiting for you. The great ring of power was destroyed, but the great evil imprisoned within is now free and plaguing Andimore. There is no one left to protect this world from the dark forces since the alliance of men and elves fell apart.  A powerful mage forged a new ring and sealed a soul of an ancient dragon in it. With its help, a hero, whose coming was foretold in a prophecy, will unify the forces of Light and fight back against the evil!

Become stronger with each monster slain and plunge into the atmosphere of neverending action.


Game features:


  • 3D graphics. MMORPG with the high-quality graphics now in your browser. Explore the world from any angle!
  • Extraordinary game modes. Tower Defense, capture-the-flag, caravans and many other exciting events are waiting for you. Enjoy the diversity!
  • Rings of power. Rings with unique stat boosts. Create your own ring of power!
  • Flexible customization. Each equipable item changes your character's appearance. Find your own style!
  • Fight for dominance. Massive cross-server battles for lands and resources. Show who is the boss here!


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